Overtime Elite Comes to SPIRE for Exclusive Two-Day Hoops Fest


SPIRE is excited to be hosting a two-day, six-game showcase event with Overtime Elite, a nationally-renowned basketball program featuring some of the top recruits in the country. The game lineup will feature Overtime Elite competing against SPIRE’s National High School Team, as well as two other Ohio-area academies.

SPIRE, who was chosen as one of only three venues to host Overtime Elite in their inaugural season, will be playing head-to-head against two Overtime Elite squads in two separate games during the event.

Jeff Javorek, SPIRE’s Director of Basketball, explains the excitement ahead of the event. “We are bringing some of the top basketball talent in the country to northeast Ohio in a two-day event with three Overtime Elite teams against the top three prep schools in Ohio.” He adds, “This will be a great opportunity for the northeast Ohio basketball community and if you are a high school basketball fan, you won’t want to miss any of the action!”

SPIRE was chosen to host this event because of its reputation and top-notch facilities. “We were fortunate enough to be selected as a site for this event based on our world-class facilities and the reputation we have in the basketball community with our National High School Team and our nationally-ranked Post Grad Team,” Javorek explains.

The schedule of the events taking place at SPIRE’s campus in Geneva, Ohio will include:

Thursday 2/10

5:00 pm—Team Elite vs. SPIRE Academy

6:30 pm—Team Overtime vs. Western Reserve Academy

8:00 pm—Team OTE vs. International Sports Academy (ISA)

Friday 2/11

5:00 pm—Team Elite vs. International Sports Academy (ISA)

6:30 pm—Team OTE vs. Western Reserve Academy

8:00 pm—Team Overtime vs. SPIRE Academy


Scheduled for February 10th and 11th, 2022, tickets are only $5 for the entire event. Pre Purchase your tickets at https://www.spireinstitute.org/tickets!

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